Flo Rida Finally Here Lyrics

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Finally Here is a song played by Flo Rida.

Hard to follow my dreams workin this 9 to 5
People keep tellin me my check is on the way
So sun up to sundown I’m grindin, tryin to make it by
Prayin for my shift to come and take away the pain
That day is finally here [x3]
New shoes, new clothes, new whip, new chain,
new wrist, Knew that, Knew this, finally here
That day is finally here [x2]
New shoes, new clothes, new whip, new chain
New wrist, Knew that, Knew this

[Verse 1]
No, no I will not settle for nothing less than the air that i breathe
III know it’s a struggle, but WHO the hell g’on do it for me
Who the hell do it free g’on
If I do not get up and bust my ass, that’s my motto
I can not put my faith in the lotto, luck do not stay nowhere near where I go
Unless you ride That muthafucka
And you be lucky enough to get away, in the grave
What can I do, what can I say, I tried to get paid
But I got grazed, the bullet went through
But I is not get paid,
Now what do I appreciate? My JOB
Hey boss, I’m comin in late


[Verse 2]
Lil cousin got it right? and bike without no frame, ride the same rides without no brain?
Life Is not life, without no shame, if I make it out the hood, damn right I’m gon change
My cell phone number
But the area code still gon be 305 tho
My friends WHO was my friends just like my kin
Walked em in model?
But please wipe your feet on the rug
You can keep your shoes on, it’s all love
Boy let me stop, I’m dreamin too much, now WHO the hell
‘Gon give up a million bucks
Nobody but God, right now I could use me one of them black cards
I’m scarred, I fell apart, I Came here with stars, its hard huh?


[Verse 3]
FFF-Findin me
That day I been tryin to reach, that pay I been diein to see
Boy them folk would not lie to me
I thought money Is not grow on trees
Depends on the roots, how you plant the seed That
They quit, you can not see no leaves
Hold up, I need my versace’s
Grace covers of magazines, my mother she proud of me
Myself, I, the one WHO the haters thought Was not gon be shit
Big yachts, every day I get seasick, I was broke, the prefix
My book say “Why yall gave That nigga some cash?”
I wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? here it goes