Utada Hikaru Ticket 4 Two Lyrics

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Ticket 4 Two is a song played by Utada Hikaru.

Ticket 4 two to the Caribbean.
Go to places noone’s ever been before.
Fills me with delight
Take your time.
There’s so much more tonight.
You are the only one for me.
Nodody else can see It’s all about.
The things you see in me.
We can sleep out in the open.
Roam the Caribbean shore
Take shelter underneath the sky.
Fallin’ stars go by.
Thank the lord he sent you to me
And together we are free.
I have you right next to me.
It can be.You and me.
You’ve really got to see
How your love’s effecting me.
Oh baby.Just hold me in your arms tonight
Peaceful as the ocean floor.
Roam the Caribbean shore.
take shelter underneath the sky
Fallin’ starts go by