Utada Hikaru Promise Lyrics

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Promise is a song played by Utada Hikaru.

Promise me.
Promise me.
That your love will never ever change.
Don’t start actin’ strange
Promise me.
Promise me.
taht your love will never ever chance.
My love’s not a game
People can make commitments they can’t keep.
But we know we aren’t that cheap.
Can you promise me.
taht you won’t ever never ever.
Make me weep
Why can’t you feel the way I do.
Lvoe and cherish me.
I will be there for you.
If you’ll be here for me.
And I will do all I can.
To be your everything.
Please dont’ say maybe.
Just make your baby.
Your love is there for sure.
As the sky above.
But I can’t afford to lose.
This love.This special love
Why won’t you say that it’s true.
Say you’ll always be there for me.
For me
Let me know from your heart.
This love of ours is special.
You’re the one I’m waiting for
Tell me you want me.
I’ve been true from the start.
But IK can’t wait forever.
Promise me.
Promise me
Promise me your love.
just holdin’ your hand.
Seein’ your smile.
I can’t live without you.